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PHP 7.2 Now Default Version!

As more and more scripts and applications have been updated to support PHP version 7+, we felt it was time again to update the default PHP version on our servers.

Going forward, PHP version 7.2 will now be the default version for new accounts.

If you require another PHP version, you can choose from several in your control panel (cPanel/Plesk).


Set the PHP version for a specific directory!!

Do you have multiple apps in your Hosting account, but each requires a different PHP version?

Now you can assign a specific PHP version for a directory!

Please check out the following knowledgebase article: set the PHP version for a directory.


Increased Disk I/O Limits!

We realize that over time software and applications become more and more demanding for system resources, so we are happy to announce we have increased disk I/O limits AGAIN for all of our hosting plans!

We have also updated our current resource limits in our knowledgebase, which can be viewed here: new limits.